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Precious Ache (2011)

by Amanda Young(Favorite Author)
3.63 of 5 Votes: 5
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review 1: This this is a sweet story, good for escapism after a hard day at work. I don't understand why the writer felt the need to portray Dave as a freakish looking man because of his extreme height...that part made no sense as he sounded just yummy and adorable...but this confused part certainly did not distract me from the story...it was light hearted yet very sensuous romance involving 2 sweet guys with one being the virgin...that part was really sweet too...I shall keep an eye on Amanda Young's books from now on....
review 2: Oh wow! Full of the emotional angst with which Amanda Young is wonderful at portraying, Dave's life hasn't been easy. After losing his parents at a young age, growing up in a foster home, never feeling that he fit it to begin with, Dave's s
... morehyness has almost crippled him. It sure doesn't help that he's freakishly tall and very sensitive to others' reactions to him, but developing a loving relationship with someone seems to be an obstacle that he can't overcome. I feel for him, especially in regard to his shyness. When you want to belong, to be able to feel comfortable around others and just... can't... do... it, self esteem suffers: definitely a vicious circle! Meeting Micah once again, out of the blue, is the best thing that can happen to Dave, even when he's dealing with feelings of an unrequited, and longstanding, attraction. When he was in his early teens, Micah was someone that was a friend, someone that Dave felt good around. Watching as Dave wrestled with what he felt was an inappropriate attraction to Micah yet still he managed to develop friendships with Micah and his co-workers, was energizing. And Micah's friendship with Dave began the journey of learning to like, without always judging, himself. This is just part of what Amanda Young does so very well in her stories of two men finding true love. Beautiful! less
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A very sweet lovely story, I don't know why I kept it for so long in my TBR pile, it was adorable.
I read this 5 times and I totally forgot to review!! I loved this book!! Totally loving it!!
Precious Ache by Amanda Young (?)
Simply adorable.
2.5 stars
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