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Until Nico (2014)

by Aurora Rose Reynolds(Favorite Author)
4.35 of 5 Votes: 5
Aurora Rose Reynolds
review 1: SAM'S REVIEW - 5 *CAN THIS GUY GET ANY GOD DAMN HOTTER*MELTED PANTIES*NICO DROPS IT LIKE IT’S HOTTER THAN HOT*WHAT A GUY*STARS‘I have been told the same shit my whole life about the boom and used to think it was a bunch of bullshit...that is, until Asher met November, Trevor pulled his out of his ass and claimed Liz, and now Cash and Lilly. Then I felt it for myself when I saw Sophie.’Oh Nico! Nico, Nico, Nico. It feels like I have waited forever for Nico’s story but let me tell you, IT WAS SO WORTH EVERY PAINFUL SECOND OF WAITING FOR THIS INTENSE, BEAUTIFUL, SUSPENSEFUL, STEAMY, FUNNY STORY. In the other books from the ‘Until Series’ Nico comes across as totally bad ass with his covering of tattoos, tell it how it is and all so very broody attitude! His story ... moregives you so much more to his personality; he is so loyal, protective, swoony, and sweet and cares so very deeply for those he loves. I love the very first initial meet between Nico and Sophie. I laughed so god damn hard at his reaction to the whole thing. He knew and felt it then and there that she was his ‘BOOM’. After this, comes the chase, him making her his, and not giving her a damn chance to think otherwise. Nico is the ultimate for how I like my alphas and then some!!I want to take this opportunity to congratulate Aurora Rose Reynolds on her writing. I love the way she paces her work, I love the way that from the very first word she has you so hooked into the story it is IMPOSSIBLE to dare part with it until you have read the very last page. She has a way of making some of the intense situations so gripping, that you literally want to fall into the book and be a part of this world she has created. I praise you Aurora Rose for making something feel so real and gracing the world with such a fantastic Alpha Male series. You completely and utterly ROCK MY GOD DAMN WORLD!!!TRISH'S REVIEW - 4 Holy Mother of Mayson Boy StarsAgain Aurora Rose Reynolds has captivated me from cover to cover with Nico and Sophie’s story. I fell in love with them.Nico is a sizzling hot, sexy, bad ass, large tatted alpha male, protective of what’s his. He is the whole package inside and out, even if first impressions may have you thinking otherwise.When it comes to Sophie – his BOOM – he is sweet, loving, understanding, caring, passionate, protective and possessive. This side of him is just adorable. Sophie is IT for him. He feels the BOOM the instant he sees her. Was Nico finding Sophie’s phone fate? Are they meant for each other?Nico & Sophie“This yours?” he asks. I nod like an idiot. He shakes his head, running his free hand down his face, and then his eyes sweep over me again.“You have got to be fucking kidding me,” he says, seeming upset. I look down at myself, wondering how I could’ve offended him………“This cannot be fucking happening,” he growls, and I wonder if he is completely crazy.“What?” I ask, finally finding my voice. I have to tilt my head way back; even in my four-inch heels, he still towers over me.“You.”“Me, what?” I ask confusedSophie is just a beautiful soul. She’s innocent in many ways, quiet and keeps to herself. She’s new to Tennessee and has moved there without family or friends. She’s smart, curvy and sexier than she realizes and is just a gorgeous person all round.She’s dealing with problems and issues from her past which make her a little frightened about many things. She keeps to herself mainly to not feel the fear of the unknown. She doesn’t date, she doesn’t make friends easily. She finds it hard to open up to others and move on with her life – even though she has taken a huge step by moving States. She carries this fear with her all the time. Until Nico. Yes, Nico. Nico wants her, but will Sophie start living her life for today and not for yesterday? Can Nico remove the fear from her life? Will Sophie take a chance on Nico?Nico – not once – ever gives up on Sophie. I loved this about Nico. So persistent, caring and strong. His passion for Sophie was off the charts. He really is so gentle, loving and caring for Sophie and his understanding of her and what she needs is just beautiful. He takes his time with her because he wants it to work so badly. Nico“Baby, as much as I want to really kiss you, I can’t. I’m hanging on by a very short thread and know if I kiss you like I want, you won’t be going to work, and we will be doing a whole lot of stuff you’re not ready for.”“Oh,” I whisper, reading his face.The contrast between these two characters is just magnificent and grand. She is so pure, innocent and attractive and he is so bad ass and rough around the edges, dominant and bossy.I love the way Aurora throws in the twists and turns in this series. Every book had its hero – and Nico definitely is my Hero here. So fiercely protective of what is his.AND Aurora DOES NOT DISAPPOINT with the Sex Scenes – EVER. They are STEAMY.“You’re so wet – so fucking wet. I can’t wait to sink into your tight little pussy and have you dripping around me, gripping me tight while I fuck you hard.”This is something else I’ve learned about myself – the dirtier he talks, the hotter I get. “I want you to come for me Sophie. I want to feel your tight hot little pussy pull my fingers deep inside you.”Truly hypnotizing from cover to cover. Aurora brings the characters to life with her vivid descriptions and real story line. The whole cast of characters in this story (and the whole Until Series) are just perfect.Love, love, loved this story.
review 2: This series is a great. The series focuses around a close knit family of insanely attractive brothers who are playboys until the are struck with the family curse - and instantly fall HOH for the one. Keep eye rolling to a minimum. These 'ones' are super good girls and they have some minor trials and tribulations until they get their HEA. This is bounty hunter Nico (and his adorable dog, which would usual be a detail the would cause minor wretching) and Sophie, school teacher with secrets. I love these minor twists and turns- nothing too major to make you hate characters. Can't wait till next series. less
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Not sure how i finished it. Alpha male was more like stalker-dude. Creepy.
I absolutely loved this series. I HIGHLY recommend it!
Same ol' formulaic, alpha-male drivel.
whoa... that piercing... yes please.
3.5 stars =)
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