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Clarice, (2009)

by Benjamin Moser(Favorite Author)
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Cosac Naify
review 1: Marvelous biography, which focuses on Clarice Lispector, but also on the world in which she lived. She emigrated to Brazil in 1920, her mother the victim of the pogrom rapes, and who died soon after their arrival--Jews in the Ukraine were having a bad time of it long before Hitler invaded, and so she and her family were establishhed in brazil by then. The situation in Brazil was no less conducsive to welcoming Jews, but she had opportunities, and went on the be amongst the most well known of Brazilian authors. the story of her life is a remarkable one, both in and of itself, nad for the time in which it is told.
review 2: Clarice Lispector's biography. Great book. I've been reading A Descoberta do Mundo (1984) - The Discovery of the World(named Selected Chro
... morenicas in the English version) her newspaper columns in Jornal do Brasil, for (I think) about two years now. Sometimes I don't read it for a long time. Sometimes I read a few of them every night. It's highly personal and by reading her biography, you see how true it is to her true past and history. I recommend the biography even if you haven't read her. It's a great life history, an incredible story about how this particular kind of art came to be and about a very interesting human being -- that, wasn't she real, you'd think it'd be impossible for someone to create a character like her. less
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great and detailed biography of Clarice Lispector, one of the greatest Brazilian writers
Bom saber como foi a vida de um escritor no Brasil, inclusive comercialmente.
Veoma dobra biografija, u korelaciji s njenim delima i vrlo informativna.
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