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Wombat Walkabout (2009)

by Carol Diggory Shields(Favorite Author)
3.95 of 5 Votes: 5
0525478655 (ISBN13: 9780525478652)
Dutton Juvenile
review 1: Since my two-year-old son obtained his first library card recently, we've been eagerly embarking on weekly visits and barrowing toddler books by the truck-loads. There are many book lists available on the web by authors and celebs of your picking. Having only one child, and a little one at that, I'm a smidge out of touch with popular children books of the day. This particular book was recommended by Oprah. I love the creative Australian take on the classic "numbers" nursery rhyme, "At first there was four now there are three..." There is some educational facts present on native Australian wildlife and landscape, too. My son loves the book, and I'm considering purchasing for his personal library. And the illustrations are beautiful. I recommend it for children learning to c... moreount - it's very affective. ~ AH
review 2: This fun journey into the Australian outback is written in rhyme, with an excellent meter, making it a joy to read aloud. Six woolly wombats go on a walkabout, and a passing ravenous dingo dingo decides this lunch is too good to miss. One by one, a wombat strays from the others intrigued by all that one can see in the bush (golden wattle, kookaburras, gum trees, a billabong – all explained in a glossary). Suddenly Jen and Jack realize the others are no longer following. Hiding by the trail, they spy the dingo with a large sack that’s squirming on his back. The two, worried about their four playmates, come up with a cunning pit plan to thwart the hungry canine. Four thankful wombats escape and six happy wombats walk back home two by two for tea. The illustrations are in warm colours, focusing on flora and fauna. Since the wooly wombats look pretty similar, Blackall has given each Wombat its own accessory (paper hat, string skirt…) to give them some individuality. 2-5 year olds will enjoy the rhyming text and the round wooly wombats! less
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A great multicultural (Australia) read for kids or storytimes! Engaging art, too.
Yes, I do read all the wombat books in the children's section. What?
Cool. Cool cool. Moe soul. I give this book 365 a hundred stars.
Best for 3-5 years old, print motivation and narrative skills.
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