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Cracks (2012)

by Caroline Green(Favorite Author)
3.64 of 5 Votes: 4
1848121687 (ISBN13: 9781848121683)
Piccadilly Press
review 1: What would it be like to have realisation dawn that the 'life" you thought you'd lead for the last 12 years was just inside your head and that you weren't the person you thought you were? This is what happens to Cal when he realises he has been kept in a chemically controlled coma. The world he wakes up into is a very scary one indeed but it is disconcertingly believable. I enjoyed Cracks and read it in one sitting , late into the night because the fast pace kept me hooked.
review 2: I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it combines dystopia with thriller really well, both aspects of the plot feel very well balanced. For me the best dystopias are those that you can imagine happening, where you can see how our society could disintegrate to that point, and Cracks defin
... moreitely ticks this box. This is a fast-paced read, I couldn’t hit the page forward button on my Kindle quickly enough at times. I didn’t always buy how Cal who’d missed the last 12 years and the changes in society accepted this new world, but that was my only niggle with the book. less
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A brilliant, fast-paced dystopian adventure. I read it in one sitting!
a great book , couldn't put the book down until i finished it !
Not bad - but left lots of questions unanswered
Dystopian novel mixed with biotechnology.
Review coming soon...
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