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Sweet Honey (2014)

by Cathy Cassidy(Favorite Author)
4.22 of 5 Votes: 3
0141341564 (ISBN13: 9780141341569)
The Chocolate Box Girls
review 1: I'm just so glad to see how much Honey has changed. Despite her hopeless dad and the cyber-bullying thing, the people around her were lovely. Ash, Bennie and Tara being loyal friends, Emma being so caring... I knew that Surfie16 was Anthony!!! Who else would hack into Honey's computer? Besides, the ending was very surprising, can't believe that the Tanberry girls actually had a brother! Turns out Honey was a good detective haha.
review 2: I didn't expect to be so addicted to this book! Although it is kind of considered a child's book, after reading the rest of the series i felt i had to finish it! We finally see the story fromHoney's POV understnading the way in which her dad's departure affected the rest of her life. She moves to Australia to live with him but
... more soon discovers that he isn't so perfect after all and that perhaps the others may have been right about him all along, she makes some unexpected friends but also some unexpected enemies. Not long after her arrival in Australia, Honey begins to recieve threatening messages and someone in cyberspace uses their power to isolate Honey from the ones she loves and causes her to slip back into her old ways. She learns the value of family and friendship and also the dangers of expressing herself online. less
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Certainement mon favori de la série.
The best of the series...so far!
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