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His Wounded Light (2013)

by Christine Brae(Favorite Author)
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The Light in the Wound
review 1: “You can lose yourself a million times over, but your heart will always know who you are. In every wound and place of emptiness, love provides a light that guides you through the darkness. It relentlessly seeks you out and stops at nothing to find you.”I read The Light in the Wound and His Wounded Light back to back over two days, and the characters and storyline are still with me even after a week. Boy this series is emotional and heartbreaking. When I reached the end of book 1, like Isa, I felt all over the place. I felt like Isa made the right choice, but it still was painful to see how it all played out. Heading into book 2, I’ll admit, I was a bit afraid of where the story would take the characters. I wanted Isa and Alex to have their happily ever after and beco... moreme everything that Alex had hoped for and that Isa needed. But the more I thought about it, the more I had to concede that in a love triangle as deep as Isa’s was, nothing is ever that simple. Life is never easy, and when a tragic incident occurs, the life that Isa and Alex had is blown apart, and the choices made after will ultimately decide if their love is enough to keep them together. I love the fact that in His Wounded Light, readers are given insights into past events through Jesse and Alex’s point of views. It makes all of their choices throughout events in The Light in the Wound and His Wounded Light clearer. I was never a fan of Jesse. He definitely took Isa for granted throughout their courtship and put demands upon her that were both unrealistic and unfair. Hearing Jesse’s side helped me to understand how he felt in terms of what he wanted out of life, but his choices still crushed Isa and not once during that time does he ever stop to consider someone other than himself. Readers are able to witness Jesse’s growth in book 2, though, so he does redeem himself by the end. Alex – he was always standing in the wings waiting for Isa, and when he finally gets her, he does everything in his power to show her how he feels and that they belong together. Alex and Isa have an amazing life together…the beginning of the text illustrates how much in love they are and how their family means everything to both of them, but then it all changes and the choices that both Alex and Isa make threaten to destroy their love. While the men in Isa’s life and her interaction with them and complications because of them are a huge part of the books, at the heart of both stories is Isa herself. As a child, she is this lost little girl who only wants to be loved and feel complete. As a young woman, she puts everything she has into making a relationship work with a man who doesn’t put her first. As a sister, she gives of herself freely, always looking out for them and making sure their lives are all that they can be. As a daughter, she years for her mother’s love and is willing to take anything she can to feel it. As a mother, she surrounds her children with endless love, so that they never feel like she did. But in each position, Isa loses a little bit of herself each day until finally, she doesn’t know who she is any longer. To close up all of the wounds that are both self inflicted and created by others, Isa needs to find her way out of the darkness and into the light.Christine Brae takes readers on a heartfelt journey through love and loss…through trails and heartaches. Both books are beautifully written and truly capture the highs and lows of not only a marriage but of life in general. They clearly demonstrate that people’s choices have lasting effects on not only themselves but those closest to them. Thank you, Christine, for telling readers a magnificent love story on multiple levels. Complimentary copy provided by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review.4.5 poison apples (The Fairest of All Book Reviews)
review 2: After taking time to process this book I am changing my 4 Star rating to 5. Why? because even though there were things I did like (mentiohed below) I have be fair and admit that having my heart broeken a few times was worth the outcome....So life is as it should be for Isa and Alex. Just as it was meant to be and it was so lovely to read about their continued journey together. My heart melted on each page. I just loved it. Did I say LOVED IT!I knew their great life would have a price to pay because just like in real life happiness has a price and we need to learn to cherish what we have each and everyday. So that's exactly what happens, turmoil takes over and catastrophe strikes.Isa is tested in so many ways and tries to stay strong but she eventually crumbles. AND here is why I couldn't give it 5 stars.I get that everyone deals with difficulties but did she have to go all FSOG? Why?I just did not like it all. And then Jessie, never letting go. Did they really have go that far to find out they outgrew each other? Uhmmmm..It ends beautifully, tears in my eyes and ALEX..omg! Wish there were guys like him!Great writing, great plot, great ending. I'm a new fan of CHRISTINE B. And I think i will read anything she writes. ❤️ less
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Epic love story. I am so in love with this book.
I loved it!!! Review to come. :)
I loved it!!! Review to come. :)
Loved this series!
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