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Bajos Fondos (2011)

by Daniel Polansky(Favorite Author)
3.82 of 5 Votes: 4
Low Town
review 1: This was a good read that I enjoyed each time I picked it up. The symbolism was rich without being distracting, and I would have given it an additional Half star if there was a little more story on Celia. I didn't feel as vested in her as I think I should have. Another extra half star to have a couple fewer bad guys. Polansky did a good job of differentiating them, but there were a few too many for me. The plot and characterization were strong enough to support the main characters motives without having him bounce him off of so many enemies. I would definitely recommend and read this author again.
review 2: The book is denominated as a detective thriller but there is not much of snooping in here and there is most certainly not much of a thrill. The front cov
... moreer promises a lot but doesn't actually deliver. Firstly, the writer didn't invest much in world building and the entire setting is rather confusing. The events are thrown in one after another randomly and at a high speed, so the structure isn't very good either. Secondly, the plot twist is quite predictable, despite everything, as it really is nothing but a cliche. There is only one suspect, really, and the reader can guess it easily since you see it all coming. The only strong point of the book is the main character who is portrayed quite lively, humanely and accurately enough. less
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Dark, gritty, awesome. Not much else to say really. Highly recommend.
Well written by the ending was painfully predictable.
Fantasy meets Noir in the best possible way.
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