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Die Forrests (2012)

by Emily Perkins(Favorite Author)
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Berlin Verlag
review 1: One of my friends chose this book for our book club. In it is the story, from young childhood to old age, of Dorothy Forrest and her family. It's broken into chapters which do not make obvious the characters' ages, which I found quite rewarding to read; this tactic reminded me of The Time Traveler's Wife. Maybe this resonated with me because of the stage I'm at in my life, but Dorothy's long-standing love with Daniel hit a nerve, and I thought it was well presented. I finished it and wanted to make a few of my friends read it right away.
review 2: I enjoyed reading this book and it was never difficult to get through. But I found myself getting lost in the details. Then I realized toward the end that I wanted more details. Some of the main characters- Frank, Lee
... more, Daniel, Michael, etc. weren't developed enough for me. I found it hard to find sympathy for Dorothy at times because I didn't know how she felt, except for tidbits of information, usually in her conversations with Eve. I did find the family intriguing though. And I think the novel was worth reading. I feel like the resentment Dorothy and Eve have toward their parents is something most people can relate to. The struggles and happiness they each face in their adult life show that you can choose what to make of your life with how you were raised or regardless of. less
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Fulfilling book to read with a new "in the moment" style which I found really organic and authentic.
I just could not get into this book, so gave up and did not finish it.
started it... could not get into it at all
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