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Social Suicide (2012)

by Gemma Halliday(Favorite Author)
3.98 of 5 Votes: 5
0062003321 (ISBN13: 9780062003324)
Deadly Cool
review 1: Closer to 2.5 stars, I think. Not as funny as the first book, the mystery is pretty easy to solve, and not much happened in the Hartley-Chase front. The last thing's fine, though. It's nice that Hartley's not too obsessed with Chase. I'm not going to add any more spoilers in here in case you'd still like to give it a shot. I'm barely recalling the plot anyway, I've read it quite some time ago as a quick, light read in between my other books. That's why I never added this to my "Want to Read" list.
review 2: Great second instalment in the Deadly Cool series, the characters feel real and they are so funny to hear talk. The murder mystery is fun to follow along with and I didn't guess who it was, it came as a complete surprise to me. The only issue with this book
... moreand the series as a whole is its brevity. It took me three hours to read the book from cover to cover which for me is too fast, I blame my penchant for Hard Sci-Fi and Fantasy novels. less
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Great book, Hartley is cool, Chase is blind, cant wait for the next book
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Great book !
3.5 Stars.
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