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Barefoot Contessa Back To Basics (2008)

by Ina Garten(Favorite Author)
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1400054354 (ISBN13: 9781400054350)
Clarkson Potter
review 1: I do appreciate the simplicity of the Barefoot Contessa books. This book seems designed to create company-worthy food with a minimum of fuss and muss, and provides great entertaining tips, from cocktails to appetizers to the table setting and flower arranging. Unlike some books which promise simple recipes and don't deliver, everything offered here is really feasible for just about anyone: you can spend the day cleaning your house and still pull off these menus. However, I find the taste doesn't always deliver, and I've had some dishes that were a disaster (my tongue still puckers at the lemon chicken). I knew it wasn't all in my imagination when my husband asked me not to make any more dishes from this book! However, I love the concept, love the full-page photos and love... more the commitment to simple cooking. I will try again. Maybe it's not the Barefoot Contessa; maybe it's me.
review 2: This is an excellent cookbook. If you like basic dishes, that have been enhanced through different ways of cooking (baking instead of frying, etc) and lots of herbs and spices - then this is the book for you. I'm loving cooking my way through it and have made several wonderful dishes already. I guess I'm done "reading" it and working on "making lots of the dishes". As Julia says ... "Bon Apetite' " less
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Excellent, easy to follow recipes, easy to obtain ingredients, and lots of beautiful pictures
I just wish I had more people to cook for!
Foodie may enjoy this book more
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