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Far World, Vol. 3: Air Keep (2013)

by J. Scott Savage(Favorite Author)
4.24 of 5 Votes: 2
Shadow Mountain
review 1: Marcus and Kyja continue to search for the Elementals they need to unite to open a drift between Earth and Farworld, but the Air Elementals have a strange sense of humor and with Farworld in the grip of a terrible drought and daily earthquakes, the two friends face untold challenges.I felt lost at times. Mant things were not explained, they just happened. Left me wondering if I had missed a few pages.
review 2: It's OK. Like 2 1/2 stars. The air elementals make even less sense than the water and earth ones. I am always wary of time plots with over cleverness, but I mostly liked the little trick in the foreshadowed future. I can't decide if Mr. Z makes any sense, or if he's just Mr. Deus Ex Machina to get Marcus and Kyja to the time doors over and over to en
... moreable the plot. It's not a series I go out of my way to steer students to, but on the other hand, a girl already asked me about this series last week and told me this one was her favorite so far. So it has some appeal and fans. less
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it was very good. I loved how they represented time. The ending will blow readers away
Did they finally publish this book?
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