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Cinderella Is Evil (2000)

by Jamie Campbell(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Me gusto bastante, es corto pero aún así muy bueno.Este retelling esta contado del punto de vista de Anna que cuenta como se siente hacia su hermanastra Cenicienta que al parecer era una persona un tanto desagradable; y de como Anna se sentía físicamente, se sentía tan mal y Cenicienta ni su madre ayudaban mucho.Y bueno pasan todo el rollo de la zapatilla.Y si cuento el final es spoiler supongo pero el fin fue lindo :).Aunque no entiendo mucho el título, aunque Anna nos dice que Cenicienta es de un modo bueno pues no es como tal.Pero aún así me encanto como ya dije.
review 2: I liked this one. it was a good play on the Cinderella story we all know so well but told from another point of view. I noticed some people pointed out that Cinderella wasn't so mu
... morech evil, and I half expected some more sinister stuff to happen in the story. But when I got to the end I thought it was more that the story is told from another person (stepsisters) point of view, and that the stepsister considered her to be evil. I think that is what this is really all about; a play on human relationships, how we always see the world from our own point of view, and what the author has done here is take that and flip it around so we can see another side to it. It took some nerve to use such a well known story and I really think she made it work less
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Cute little short story told from the point of view of one of the "evil" step sisters of Cinderella.
What a fun story! Cinderella as told by one of her step sisters.
LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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