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The Death Catchers (2011)

by Jennifer Anne Kogler(Favorite Author)
3.9 of 5 Votes: 1
0802721842 (ISBN13: 9780802721846)
Walker Childrens
review 1: The book was exciting and full of tension. Many of The characters had many different personalities that were so unique. Jodi being the kind of character who is aup in other's buisness, Lizzy being a girl of inquiry, wanting to know as much as she could about being a hand of Fate(Now called a "Death Catcher"). But the character of Bizzy really caught me. Bizzy is funny, with all her crazy ideas and is also very wise with "Bizzy's Pearls of Wisdom, Free a Charge". I found the plot to be well thought out and and seat leaning. It was a good book, and I hope there is a sequel!
review 2: This book was so good! So not only did it reference King Arthur, but it had a crazy mother who was obsessed with books. (someday that's going to be me) So at the end the girl who hat
... morees reading reads Pride and Prejudice. And she loves it! But not really a shocker because anyone who has read Pride and Prejudice knows it's amazing! If not there is something very wrong with them. Anyway great allusions. I loved how this book was formatted as a letter, and how it described literary tools. 10 out of five stars. Can't wait for a sequel. less
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This book was very exciting and fast paced, a lovely read. Highly recommend it :)
Best thing about this book was Bizzy.
avalon, merlin, arthurian
A really awesome book!
3 And 1/2 Stars.. :)
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