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Earth (The Book): A Visitor's Guide To The Human Race (2010)

by Jon Stewart(Favorite Author)
3.9 of 5 Votes: 4
044657922X (ISBN13: 9780446579223)
Grand Central Publishing
review 1: This audiobook was pretty hilarious. I have no idea how much this relates to the physical book in this case. They did a surprisingly good job with no ability to insert diagrams, charts and the like. It was narrated by Jon Stewart, the correspondents from The Daily Show, and randomly Sigourney Weaver (she was not really needed, maybe that was part of the joke). It presents Earth's history to a group of future aliens who have come here after we wrecked the place and successful destroyed the human race. It tackles every thing from geographical features to religion and all of it with the perfect amount of wit and sarcasm. I LOLed many times. I only wished it was longer than three CDs.
review 2: I also finished Earth, A Visitor's Guide to the Human Race. I had star
... moreted reading this through like a normal book, but had to stop, finding it depressing. I'd expected it to be funny, but found it cynical. There were a couple chuckles in the book, but there were also some appalling things that, well, "Who would think of that?" Like "The Diarrhea of Anne Frank." No, not only is it too soon for that, it will always be too soon for that! The book actually has a great premise, but breaks through the fourth wall and plays it for laughs. If they played it seriously (like it really is a guide to the Human Race for those who come after we have gone), it could, I think actually have been funny. But it was trying way too hard. Anyway, about half-way through the book, I relegated it to the bathroom where I read a couple pages on good days (digestively speaking), and found it much less annoying that way. less
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This was funny. Written to the aliens after we are gone, a history of humanity Jon Stewart style.
Meh. I did love listening to John Stewart during my commute though.
Listen to this on cd. So funny to hear in the car!!
Brutally Funny.
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