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Frost Arch (2000)

by Kate Bloomfield(Favorite Author)
3.76 of 5 Votes: 4
The Fire Mage Trilogy
review 1: I was reminded of hunger games in some areas like ms frost and the setting they all lived, the relationship with her and Jake and then there was the younger sister. but ava was no katniss. the book had a interesting story that held my interest and brought me back for more. I loved the writing style of this author. she had me feeling for the characters and caring. I would read more from this author and more on this trilogy.
review 2: Even though it needed to be edited again (some words were missing letters and the constant its when they needed to be it's) this was a really original story. It could either be a dystopian or a fantasy. A world were humans are all but extinct and mages (people with special powers) are the dominant species. Towards the end the action
... more was page turning awesome. I enjoyed the characters and the creatures. The only thing preventing this from a 5 star rating are the editing details. less
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The story was somewhat interesting, but yowza, the grammatical errors were way too distracting.
Good story, but you have to look past the lack of editing.
Definitely had some editing issues, but good story.
2.5/3 stars
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