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Darkest Powers Bonus Pack 1 (2011)

by Kelley Armstrong(Favorite Author)
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0987703145 (ISBN13: 9780987703149)
Traverse Press
review 1: I'm D-O-N-E reading it!!And what I'd like to say is, I miss reading the Darkest Powers Trilogy.Maybe after reading The Gathering, I'll start with The Summoning again :))Anyways, the book is divided into three stories: Dangerous, Divided and Disenchanted,It was in the Darkest Powers blog some years ago ( and I confess, I've read it already ;p) and Kelly Armstrong put it together to form voilà: Darkest Powers Bonus Pack.This is genius Kelly, really.Okay so now, I'd quit the babbling and start with Darkest Powers Bonus Pack 2:)
review 2: These are NOT standalone books, these are designed to be read after, or at the same time as reading the darkest powers trilogy. These stories give you glimpses of whats going on at various points in the story away from Chloe, inc
... moreluding the events leading up to Simon and Derek's dad disappearing and how they ended up at Lyle house. What happened to Simon and Derek after they got separated from Chloe and Rae after escaping. Then what happened to Simon and Tori after they were separated from Derek and Chloe.With the exception of Dangerous, there isnt a lot of plot, it is mostly filler, but if you have enjoyed the trilogy so far you will enjoy these too. less
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A good read. It's like watching deleted scenes it adds to the story.
Ugh two of these stories narrated by Derek?? Yes. please.
I still want more Chloe and Derek!!
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