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In The Kingdom Of Men. By Kim Barnes (2012)

by Kim Barnes(Favorite Author)
3.4 of 5 Votes: 4
009194421X (ISBN13: 9780091944216)
review 1: I'm proud to have finished this book since it was a struggle to get through the slow moving story. I was intrigued at the beginning but the parts that had potential (Ruthie's death, Lucky in the theater, Abdullah confessing his love, Gin's photography) were totally glazed over and the fact that all the great characters disappear is super agitating. Never hearing from Yash, Mason, Linda, Carlo was a let down and kinda made the book feel like a waste for me. But if you focus on the story of Gin alone her evolution was interesting.
review 2: What starts out as a semi-cliched novel about a rebellious, sheltered preacher's daughter in Oklahoma turns out to be a crazy story about corporate colonization, gender inequality, and morality. I picked it up on a whim and co
... moreuldn't put it down. Though the narrator is at times naïve, the book never is. Would highly recommend (warning: if you are not already cynical, you will be after reading this). less
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Definitely interesting, but the main character was so unlikable. Hard to care.
Interesting, almost enthralling, and left me hanging in the end.
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