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Trail Of Dead (2013)

by Melissa F. Olson(Favorite Author)
3.94 of 5 Votes: 5
1612183123 (ISBN13: 9781612183121)
Scarlett Bernard
review 1: It felt like I'd missed a huge chunk of story between book one and book two- I'm not sure if there was a novella I missed or something but the author seemed to expect me to know what had happened between the books and it was frustrating and confusing (I read trail of dead straight after dead spots so it's not that I forgot what had happened).It was also more noticeable how Scarlett wasn't a particularly mice person in this book- she didn't seem to want to help other unless she was forced to, in the previous book it was all about looking after her own ass so it wasn't as noticeable but in this one while she'd help anyone if it fell directly under her job description she wasn't particularly bothered otherwise (until begged). She does't seem to have grown as a character at al... morel.I also found the plot a bit predictable in this one, all of the MCs seemed to miss things until Scarlett would point it out but by then it would already be too late. The story was just fairly predictable and for it to work it seemed to require the MCs to do dumb things and I just didn't enjoy it all that much. I'm also sooo bored of love triangle things, sooooo bored of them.
review 2: "Trail of Dead" - Scarlett Bernard #2 by Mellisa F. Olsen - entertaining urban supernatural thriller"Trail of Dead" is (apart from the title which I think is rather dull) is an improvement on "Dead Spots", book 1 in the series. Melissa Olson's writing is more confident and assured, the plotting is tighter and more complex and the world building is a little bit more subtle.In "Trail of Dead" I actually started to like Scarlett Bernard and understand the impact that she has on those around her. She's come out of her "I'm doing this because it's the only thing I'm good for" trance and started to think through her life. It turns out that she's brave and, in her own way, driven by a sense of honour and a desire to help those she cares for.Her bête noir and former mentor, now a scary bat-shit-crazy vampire is an excellent villain to his and boo at. She makes the other monsters that Scarlett works for: vampires, witches and werewolves, seem positively civilized.The "shall I choose the gorgeous and righteous cop or the totally devoted werewolf surfer-boy" trope could have become a little tired - too Stephanie Plumb for my taste - but Olsen pulled an original plot twist that saved the day and kept everything a bit more plausible. I do wish she'd stop telling me that Jesse smells of oranges and Armani, it doesn't sound an attractive combination and it became a sort of leitmotiv that was played every time he and Scarlet were in a scene together.The concept of a "null", the original idea around which the series is based, continues to develop at satisfying pace that shows progress but hints at more to come.I'm confident that this will turn into a fun series. I know the third book is out but I'm waiting for the audiobook to be available. less
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Not as good as the first, I do not think that I will read any more of this series.
liked the story - but still seems to be lacking something for me...not sure what
It's better than the first one. I guess. Just not the series for me.
this series is tightly written and plotted cannot wait for round 3
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