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True Of Heart (2008)

by M.L. Rhodes(Favorite Author)
3.92 of 5 Votes: 2
Amber Quill Press/Amber Allure
The Draegan Lords
review 1: This was a good start to a series, I was drawn into the story of Keiran the leader of a rebel band of dragons and Gaige, the spy sent to infiltrate his camp. The book has a real ending, but it's definitely a lead in to the next in the series. The world is a mishmash of things we've seen elsewhere but it works. The language is a bit modern and there is a lot of hot action between Keiran and Gaige (some of it seems a bit unnecessary but it's fun to read).
review 2: 3-3.5starsThis was a very good book. Gaige is a human and enforcer for a powerful and evil sorcerer. He was raised to be obediant and never question orders. The sorcerer sends him to infiltrate the Draegan rebels who have been persecuted for hundreds of years. However, Gaige has secretly been questi
... moreoning the sorcerers motives and brutality. He finds a people who are the opposite of everything he has been taught. Keiran is the dragaen leader. Gaige and Keiran meet while on watch and well ....sex and fighting and kidnapping and stuff happens then!I would like to have seen more build up to Gaige and Keiran being together. The story is short but is followed up with several books, so if I had the time right now I would probably fly through the rest ....which could possibly result in an overall higher rating. I really liked the turmoil that Gaige went through trying to deicide if he could betray the sorcerer. I did feel the connection between Gaige and Keiran. Near the end some of the wording was hokey...you know when they fall into all the "my beloved's" and such.Overall a good read. less
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Better then I expected so I'm following through with the second book.
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