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El Corazon Y La Botella (2010)

by Oliver Jeffers(Favorite Author)
4.33 of 5 Votes: 4
6071601061 (ISBN13: 9786071601063)
Fondo de Cultura Econmica/ Conaculta
review 1: A girl loses her father and decides to put her heart in a safe place: a bottle she keeps around her neck. However, as the years go on, the safe place becomes a prison and she has to find a way to bring back her heart, and along with it her excitement, curiosity, and enthusiasm.I appreciated the analogy to emotional repression, although it might be hard for a younger audience to understand. However, the thoughtful illustrations would likely be enough to hold their attention.
review 2: This is the story of a little girl with a beautiful heart and interest in all things beautiful. However struck by grief and lost, she locks her heart up in a jar, soon the world seems less beautiful, less interesting. Before long she wants her heart back but cannot open the jar, it
... more is only with the help of a little girl who has all the love for the world that the girl gets her heart back.This is a great book that could be used to help children deal with grief and death. This book could be used as a brilliant starting point for talking about how when we are upset we cannot lock it all up but that we should share our feelings and seek the help and support of others.This is a beautiful book which leads the children to think about death without explicitly writing death in the actual text. Great starting point for PSHE but also could be a nice way to start an RE lesson with the theme of death across different religions.I would recommend this book for both KS1 and KS2 children. less
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Gosh. Jeffers is an artist. This is poignant and beautiful. The app is worth a look too.
Ini buku cerita kanak-kanak untuk orang dewasa yang kehilangan sesuatu dalam hidupnya.
Made me tear up in the library. Want to own. Love. Aaaah.
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