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Dog Days Of Summer (2014)

by P.J. Fiala(Favorite Author)
4.09 of 5 Votes: 3
1595983244 (ISBN13: 9781595983244)
Rolling Thunder Romance
Rolling Thunder
review 1: I was provided a copy for an honest review. I absolutely loved it. He grabbed a hold of my attention and let me tell you, it did release me until the last word on the page but it also left me with waiting more. I hope we get more because it was just that great. Dog Days of Summer is a love at first sight kind of read and it has the ability to bring real life to the surface and have you feel all the emotions rolling of the page.
review 2: I'm a sucker for anything with a sexy man and a motorcycle on the cover...and the fact that the price was less than a buck...well of course I had to buy it! I also really appreciated the fact that this book was written by a grandma, a woman who grew up in a family of veterans...so she understood the thought processes and passio
... morens of both "Dog" the very sexy (and sought after by the ladies) motorcycle businessman/rider and Joci, the beautiful (and still hot) mom of one of his employees who comes into his life when he really needs her.They work together on making his shop and his charity rides become more successful with her graphic design ideas and support and of course they fall in love over the course of an almost year long working side by side, much to the disgust of a very vindictive and jealous woman who wants Dog for herself.Here lies the majority of the book and conflict: Luann is the bitch from hell...a woman so set on having Dog for herself and getting rid of Joci she will do anything to achieve that goal and between her and Dog's EX (the mother of his sons) the drama and cat-fighting almost became too much at times. There was plenty of mean girl action in this one and at times I wanted to grab Dog and just shake him (men can be SO dense and clueless sometimes) but then again, there was also a huge family centered storyline and the similarity between Dog's sons and Joci's son all growing up with only ONE strong and devoted parent to really be there for them all the time was poignant and emotional.The sex was something else...descriptive and plentiful...almost to the point of being too much, too repetitive, but it was a fun time and made me happy for older woman everywhere...it's never too late for love (or HOT sex).All in all I enjoyed this new book...it was sweet, at times intense, had a lot of interesting characters and I can see the possibility for future books based on them.**** 4 **** "never too late to start over" stars less
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What a great read. So many things emotionally touched me as I read through the pages of this story.
I'm so confused how this book has such a high rating...it was terrible.
Mid-life romance. Both are in their early to mid-forties.
An excellent read!
Great book!
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