5 Films for Bad Days

Down days are a part of everyone’s life, and sometimes it’s hard to know what to do to cheer yourself up again. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but here are five films I find useful as a pick me up when I so desperately need one.

1) Pitch Perfect
I’ll never deny my love for this film. Although I find it problematic in some areas, it never fails to put a smile on my face (and I almost always cry at the end just because of all the feelings.) I fell in love with Anna Kendrick through this film – I just love her character. The film always gives me a huge sense of power, like I can do anything.

Pitch Perfect

2) Wild Child
This film is one I absolutely loved when I was younger, and it’s one I keep finding myself go back to when I’m feeling a little nostalgic, and just want the embrace of a kick-ass group of friends. Also, I love Emma Roberts. Love her. Actually, there are a few films she’s in that almost made it to this list…

Wild Child

3) Tangled
If you have never considered Tangled as a pick-me-up film then what are you doing? It usually makes me cry, but sometimes you need that. Another brilliant female character, in a tale that truly warms my heart. I think Pascal and Maximus are my favourite characters though. Disney always creates wonderful animal ‘sidekicks’ that make their films so much better.


4) About Time
Another one that makes me cry (I sense a pattern…) but this film is just so beautiful it absolutely had to be on this list. I love that it doesn’t just focus on the main character’s romantic relationship, but his relationships with his family members too. About Time caught me by surprise in the cinema, when I didn’t exactly know what to expect – I had assumed it was ‘just another rom-com’ but oh, I was wrong.

About Time

5) The Intern
I had a few arguments with myself when choosing the final film for this list, but whenever I think of The Intern, I feel warm loveliness in my heart. Robert De Niro’s character is something completely different from any I’ve ever seen him play, and he ws incredible. Anne Hathaway also gives a stunning performance and the friendship that blossoms between the two of them will never cease to put joy in my heart.

Wild Child

Whilst writing this list I realised that I tend to opt for films that make me emotional when I’m feeling down. I think crying at something beautiful (or sad) is wonderfully cathartic. Sometimes, I think I need something to allow my emotions to flow freely, to live vicariously through someone else for a moment, and connect with their feelings.
I love the feeling a good film (or book) gives you when you completely empathise with a character, and feel their emotions as your own. It takes me away from my current situation, just for a few hours, and takes my mind off whatever has been making me feel low.

I hope this list is helpful to someone. I’m already considering writing another in the future – there were a number of films I wanted to fit in here somewhere.

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