Book Review: Lola Offline by Nicola Doherty

Title: Lola Offline by Nicola Doherty

My Ratings: 4 Stars

Publisher: Orion Books

Source: Pansing Malaysia

Goodreads Synopsis:

A teen romantic comedy set in Paris – perfect for fans of Holly Bourne, Sophie Kinsella and Stephanie Perkins.

Delilah Hoover has gone dark.

She’s left school, changed her name and moved to Paris. It’s not what she planned but there’s no other choice, because she did something bad. Something nobody will forget. It made her trend on Twitter, and it’s the first thing that comes up when you google her.

Paris is a new start, with new friends – like socially inept geek Ben, keyboard warrior Vee, and the impossibly perfect Tariq, but could the City of Lights offer more? Awkward dates, accidental afternoon drunkness and a perfect kiss; Delilah’s life as a normal teenager is seemingly back on track, or is it?

Sometimes learning to be happy with yourself is the hardest lesson of all.

My Review:

How often do we find ourselves trying super hard to sound impressive on social media? Well, it is not uncommon; we all want to appear smart, and informative. Getting that ‘like’, having tones of retweets, are very much like badge of honors for us the millennial. Sometimes, we go out of our limb to get a risky yet a humorous joke out there, but at what cost?

That is what happened to Delilah, now Lola who wanted to appear witty to the college she is planning to apply to, tweeted something seemed racist even though she didn’t mean to. Her reputation was trashed and she thought the only way to escape the nightmare was to start afresh somewhere new, Paris.
Have I told you guys how much I loved this concept?! Lola enrolled in a new school in Paris and at the same time exploring that beautiful city is my favorite bit of the story! It feels a lot like Anna and The French Kiss, but I assure you, Lola Offline carries a very important lesson for all of us.
Let me ask you guys, how often have we trolled someone who said something inappropriate? How easily have we shared memes that features the so called “crazy ex-girlfriend” and called them names? How can we let that one inappropriate comment go? Oh hell no! No way, we can do that! RIGHT?

Before we go any further, I do not support trolls of any manner. I merely am pointing out the difference of standing up for someone and trolling others just because they said or did something offensive. While we are thinking that we are reprimanding them, we didn’t realize that we are turning into a troll as well. Stand up for your friends, but let’s not ridicule the offender with trash talking and memes sharing. Let us all be a better person.


Lola, who made a miscalculation, who wanted to seem impressive, and misjudged how a tweet may have seemed, has been banished into episodes of anxiety, worry, and self-doubt. I am very proud of how she broke out of her shell, how she embraced her broken self, and how she admitted this reputation. Bravo!

This book ended in a good note, I think I might have revealed that already, but the journey my friends, worth so much more!

My heartiest congratulations to Ms.Nicola Doherty for writing this thought provoking, and equally fun book! Don’t forget to pick it up guys! If you have, share with me what you think about it! Thank you Pansing Malaysia for this amazing copy in exchange of my honest thoughts of this book! Love you all! Till the next post-toodles!

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