Isn’t it funny how when you try and make changes. You get hit full force with the opposite. 2018 I decided to change my life around and give it all to the Lord. Let him fix what needs to be fixed. It’s not easy and i am only human. Today i awoke in such a funk. I couldn’t quite pinpoint what exactly made me wake up this way. Could it be the almost bearable pain my legs have been giving me ? No that wasn’t it. What was it ? As the day went on i could just feel like everything around me was just making me even more frustrated . No matter how much i wanted to be the angry at the world or whoever and whatever . I didn’t give in, I didn’t let it overtake my joy.  I was awake an breathing. My children were happy and full of health. My husband blessed to be able to provide for his family . I have all i could ever want. Changing my life around has not been easy. i still have mistakes and slip us. But how lucky am I that God overlooks the bad. Don’t be afraid of changing  (if that’s something you want to do). The enemy will try and knock you down multiple times . Cause you to wake up in a funk that you can’t shake.  Tell you that you aren’t good enough to change .  Don’t let that discourage you or your heart. The lord gives freely and his mercy is made new every morning.  You are enough and You are worth it.

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