Harry Potter Book Tag!

I originally saw this tag over at Clockwork Bibliophile and because I love all things Harry Potter, I wanted to give this a try. Last year I did a similar tag called the Harry Potter Spells Tag. Since I’ve read more books since then, I thought this seemed like the perfect change to explore some more prompts in the context of Harry Potter.

Since I’ve read more books since then, I thought this seemed like the perfect chance to explore some more prompts in the context of Harry Potter.

A book that you found interesting but would like to rewrite


One of the books that really let me down this year was The Program by Suzanne Young. I found myself dragging through it and really not liking the way that the story was framed,  paced, or formatted.

I think that the concept was interesting but there was a more interesting way to present it.  I wrote, what is probably the longest review on this blog so far, describing my issues with this book.  It wasn’t even just the storytelling, there were some fundamental liberties taken with depression and suicide that aren’t addressed that I would correct.

The first book in a series that got you hooked


Delirium by Lauren Oliver had me hooked from the very beginning. I was listening to it as an audiobook but I loved listening the way Lena came across through Sarah Drew’s narration. I blew through the next two within a week or two, but I was extremely disappointed with the ending.

A book that you wish you could have right now


I only have until September to wait for this, but Hanna Who Fell from the Sky by Christopher Meades sounds like an amazing read.

 Avada Kedavra
A killer book


I wasn’t quite sure how I wanted to interpret the prompt “killer book” but I decided that I would go with the most deliciously “psychotic” villain. For that, I thought of Sophia from Yesterday by Felicia Yap. Just give it a read and from the first chapter, you’ll see the lengths she’ll go to, to get her revenge.

A book you find confusing


Most books I find confusing I don’t finish. But I will say that listening to The Hypnotist’s Love Story by Liane Moriarty is a little confusing because of the perspective shifts that occur between Ellen’s third person narration, and Saskia’s first person narration. While I honestly find it brilliant to combine the two given the book’s subject matter, it is a little jarring.

Expecto Patronum
Your spirit animal book


I am such a dog person that it has to be, Lily and the Octopus by Steven Rowley! This is also what I would call my go-to ugly cry book if I ever really needed to induce a good sobfest.

This book has actually made so many people cry that when Japan released the book, they made Lily themed tissue boxes.

A dark, twisted book


I remember Black-Eyed Susans by Julia Heaberlin being pretty dark and twisted. It’s all about a young girl’s trauma and who she’s grown up through the years, and a present day stalking incident. I can’t recall listening to an audiobook that made me tenser.

A book that surprised you in a great way


I have to say, The Red Car by Marcy Dermansky, it was a very odd, but also very captivating read. I remember reading through it and not wanting to put it down. I picked it up again later this year, and now I am just remembering how enchanted I was with it the first time around.

Alright, that’s it for the Harry Potter Book Tag! Now it’s time to tag a few people! I know this tag has been going around for a while so no pressure!