Motherhood: What I love.

I constantly read many blogs about motherhood and the rough side of it. It is basically the scariest “hood” you’ll ever be in. Lets be real here, it feels good to let loose and write about the honest truth of it all. The not so beautiful of pregnancy and labor, the exhausting part of becoming a new mother and the rest of the journey as your child grows.

Each stage has its moments that just…suck! The best part of it all, it’s becoming more of a normal to be honest. I love that, I’m all about being transparent as a mother and all of my experiences. But I also wanted to share the best of motherhood. After all, we all must know someone who has lost a child, battled infertility or has had a sick child. Ultimately during reminders like those, we HAVE to step back, breathe and soak it all in. I have a long list of what exhausts me as a mother, but what I love is even longer..

I love waking up to a large gummy smile my five month old greets me with. I love the morning breath of my two year old and hearing “it’s morning time mommy! Good morning!”. I love listening to the giggles my daughters share with one another as they learn to play with each other. I love how a teary face can instantly turn into a smile as soon as I hug my girls. I love the silence as they sleep and watching their chest rise up and down. I love the skinny little arms that wrap around my neck. I love every milestone during the first year of life. I love the sparkle in my daughters eyes when she learns something new. I love reading hard cover books little hands can turn pages on. I love bath time and washing the soap out of the curls of their hair. I love that they need me. I love watching the world in their eyes. But most of all, I love hearing that sweet five letter word, I never knew, I always wanted..”mommy”.

They are only little for so little and won’t always need us as they become older. Stop, look down and slow down as they’re watching.

What are your favorites as a mother? What do you love?



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