Not wishing to make a spectacle of myself but……………

A couple of weeks, or was it months ago, the War Office asked “when was the last time you had the eyes tested?” and I told her, “about 5 years ago” ! “Isn’t it about time you went again?”; in a voice that sounded like a directive to get them tested quick smart! . Feeling rather valiant at the time I answered in the negative,  replying “my eyes are fine, no problem!”.

I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading lately;  you may have noticed the dearth of entertaining rubbish emanating from these pages; then again you may not.

Well,  truth be told, it’s all Garrulous Gwen’s fault! Some months ago, she suggested a book that I might enjoy, then had the temerity to go on-line to the Leichhardt Public Library, find this book and told me to go get, read, and enjoy it! I did, and I didn’t!