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Loving Jay (2014)

by Renae Kaye(Favorite Author)
4.17 of 5 Votes: 5
1627986308 (ISBN13: 9781627986304)
Dreamspinner Press
review 1: I found this totally enjoyable, funny, and sweet. There’s a bit of sadness as well, but that only makes it a richer story. Jay’s a flamboyantly gay boy and Liam’s just an average Australian guy who just happens to be completely taken with Jay. I’m glad this didn’t turn out to be a “gay for you” but rather a discovery of identity for Liam, who has to deal with a father who can’t imagine any of his five sons being gay. Everything in this book was integrated together well: the romance, humor, and even some danger and a daring rescue.I haven’t found too many Aussie writers in the M/M genre, so I find the voice and the location refreshing. All in all, this was an excellent debut book from a new M/M author.
review 2: This was such a sweet, heartwarm
... moreing OFY read - I loved both the main characters from early on, how they meet is great and I'm glad I picked this one up finally as it has been on my TBR for a while. I had put off reading it, as I had thought that maybe from the blurb Liam was going to be a bit of an idiot and drag things out wanting to "stay in the closet" but it was a kind of friends-to-lovers slow build (which I love) so by the time they get together he is really considerate of Jay and is there for him throughout.There were a couple of things that stood out that weren't perfect, such as a very long scene early on where Liam is imagining Jay naked and what he wants to do with him (before they properly know each other) which went on for a long time while he was just standing there staring at Jay - I think it was when they first meet on the platform after missing the train - to me it could have done with being a bit shorter, as I almost skimmed it as it went on for what felt like many pages. I also found Liam's constant denial about being gay almost too much initially...luckily this trails off so it didn't become annoying.Just something that was playing on my mind after this is that there was quite a bit of Liam having to lose his temper and get a bit violent to stand up for Jay, which is a difficult one...as on the one hand of course Liam is being protective of Jay and I can completely understand his motivation, as I think I would be exactly the same, but on the other hand, I worry sometimes about books that portray having to solve issues with violence...there wasn't anything major for me in this book though, as it wasn't ever over the top and Liam wasn't a violent person, I just had it playing at the back of my mind after finishing so thought I would mention it.There's some good humour here too and the characters are just so good together that you can't help but feel connected and root for them from early on. So despite a few niggles I had, I still really enjoyed this read and will be having a look for other books by Renae Kaye. less
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Omg. Amazing book. It had it all. This book was sweet, beautiful and hot. Perfection.
Beautiful, beautiful book. Loved every second of it.
It was a good book, with a decent story.
4.5 starsSo sweet!
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