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Misery Loves Company (2013)

by Rene Gutteridge(Favorite Author)
3.92 of 5 Votes: 2
Tyndale House Publishers
review 1: Not a very good book. I thought the plot was pretty cool, but it just was not written very well. I thought that the author did all the negative things that the main character criticized the fictional author for on her blog. For example, she said "Don't tell me it is terrifying. Terrify me." Well, that is exactly what I would say to Rene Gutteridge. I did end up sticking it out all the way to the end, so I guess the book isn't terrible. Also, I listened to the audiobook, and the girl reading it was not a very good actress. I couldn't stand the voices she would do for the men, so that may be one reason I didn't like it either.
review 2: I hesitate to leave a negative review for a book about a blogger who gets kidnapped after leaving a harsh review. But nev
... moreertheless, I found this book to be confusing, lacking a clear flow of events. We jumped from event to event in no particular order. The kidnapper berates his victim, over-generalizing as he condemns her entire generation. The main character ends up with Stockholm Syndrome, even though it’s not called that in the book. Her kidnapper kidnapped her to get an honest appraisal of his worth as a person. The book is decent & engaging, but some parts are left unclear, strings were left untied, & the ending was rushed. God is visible in the book from time to time, but only in sporadic spurts. less
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Might try this in the print version. Reader for the audio version is a an over-emoter. Ugh!
Good read - Interesting plot. I read this over the weekend and barely put it down.
compelling, interesting, unusual and enjoyable.
Loved loved loved this book!
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