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World Wide War: Angriff Aus Dem Internet (2010)

by Richard A. Clarke(Favorite Author)
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Hoffmann und Campe
review 1: Fiction being sold as non-fiction. Much of history of how cyberwarfare supported conventional war is embellished, and the credibility of the current threat is overstated -- perhaps all to support the author's argument. I'm all for a better means of defense, as well as an effective way to hold other cyber networks at risk, but the available accesses and intelligence are not available, as well as the ability to control collateral damage and cross-border effects. Additionally, there remains no way to assess cyber effects, so it is a high-risk option that once used, might not be able to be used again. Some great ideas, including the realist framework of a cyber deterrent; however, weak in holding states accountable for cyber crime conducted from within their borders. The au... morethor seems unaware of the complexity of closed and open networks, how much intelligence is required to conduct intentional harm via cyber, and how cyberspace is designed depending on the region and gateway placement. Additionally, admission of vulnerability is a risk of its own, and the complexity of commerce and government affects cyberwarfare. This book's realist focus avoids some of these challenges. One strength of this book is the author's recognition of the Internet's vulnerabilities. The five major ones he discusses are excellent places to begin the discussion of flexible, in-depth cyber defense. More focus should be placed on defense, security, and personnel reliability (how about PRP for TS-SCI) until more resources can be placed on intelligence and assessing useful measures of effectiveness. This is a fun book to read for brainstorming purposes, but it should not be considered a representation of reality as it stands today.
review 2: The biggest downside to this book is its old (2009) pre-Snowden and pre-Leon Panetta's work on this issue. The biggest upside to this book is its old and pre-Snowden. You can see that the media really portrays this issue terribly, and some of the so called "Snowden leaks" were here in this book all along and really old news (albeit not the most controversial).Also getting an inside perspective of three different white house administrations was really great. However, the book also didn't cite a lot of sources. Bottom line: if you're looking for a much more in depth book on this topic then the typical short 5 minute cable news discussions or looking for a book that's pre-Snowden to help sort out what was public knowledge before this is the perfect book for you or for a book with just general ideas on how cyberwar may be approached in the future (especially regarding international agreements)- then this is a great book for you. If you are looking for a post-Snowden book or one that is really in depth whose sources you can easily follow, then this is not the book for you. less
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Great book .... Shows the holes in our Internet security policy as a nation.
Wow, floored! Even if only half this book is true, it's startling.
was on the Airforce reading list, need I say more.
Good read but a little scary.
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