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I Love Lucy (2012)

by Rita Herron(Favorite Author)
3.45 of 5 Votes: 5
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The Bachelor Pact
review 1: It was okay. It was my least favorite book. The storyline was very predictable. I liked the other books better. It would have been nice if they incorporated it in sleepless in savannah. The fact that we knew reid was in love before he did made me have no anticipation for the rest of the story. The author, just threw a quick story together for no reason at all. The other books, by this author I have enjoyed.
review 2: A criminal escapes from prison and resumes stalking an innocent woman at Christmas. Her boyfriend didn't know about that part of her past, so when she hurriedly leaves he mistakenly thinks that she is dumping him. A federal marshal contacts her and has her leave town until her stalker is caught, she ends up spending Christmas that a retirement
... morehome not far from where she lives and making several new friends. The stalker is caught, her family shows up, and her boyfriend proposes marriage. Good read!! less
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Great novella. Funny, sexy, and just plain fun. Can't wait to read more from the author.
A fun romantic Christmas novella filled with suspense! It was an enjoyable read.
Out of all 3 I like this the most!
Great book!
Quick read.
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