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by Shane Peacock(Favorite Author)
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1554699355 (ISBN13: 9781554699353)
Orca Book Publishers
review 1: This book was about a boy named Adam discovering the secrets of his grandpas past life. His grandpa is a world war 2 veteran that tells Adam and the rest of his grandchildren his war stories. But when he dies he sends his grandchildren on adventures to find the truths of their grandpas true past. And along the way of this hard journey of Adam's he learns the truth about his grandpa and his true past. In the book I really liked how Adam could't tell his parents what he was doing. He could only tell them where he needed to go. Which was interesting because he had to go to Europe and couldn't even tell his parents why they were paying to go to Europe. This book should be for young adults because of the difficulty of reading, and the general knowledge you need to have t... moreo understand the book.
review 2: The Seven Series is seven books published simultaneously that can be read in any order. Now that's a series book that is easier to recommend at the library! The plot of seven grandsons sent on missions to carry out grandfather's wishes is reminiscent of 39 Clues; as with other Orca books, Canadian settings can be a disconnect for American readers, but simple vocab and fast plot are good for reluctant readers. less
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i really liked this book i was very interesting i could not stop reading.i finished it in 3 days
Good adventure story for boys. Story seemed a bit rushed though.
I enjoyed this book. It is part of a trilogy but it stand alone.
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