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Unrequited Death (2000)

by Tamara Rose Blodgett(Favorite Author)
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review 1: This series must be read in order. The first book is Death Whispers (The Death Series). The second book is Death Speaks (The Death Series). The third book is Death Inception (The Death Series). The fourth book is Death Screams (The Death Series). The fifth book is Death Weeps (Death Series). This is the sixth book.This book was beyond unreal. I adored almost all of the characters and to see them so torn and threatened was just crazy. The Greysheets are at it again trying to push their own agenda in the dark and hidden from the rest of the world. From a world so technologically advanced the thought they could fly under the radar is almost impossible to believe until you remember they are the ones who engineered the technology in the first place and then it becomes disturbin... moregly plausible.This is definitely a book where action is non stop and coming from all sides ramping up the suspense and intrigue to never before see levels. Who can be trusted? And how far will they go to further the safety (or obliteration) of the group? no one is sure exactly how far the conspiracy goes or who is on what side at any given point. Further down the rabbit hole is where they must go to find the ultimate answers.I love this series and am glad there will be more! The transition from a ya series to an adult one was very smooth and natural and made major sense for the progression of the story line. To stay young adult would have been impossible to say the least! I cannot wait for the next book For the Love of Death (The Death Series) to come out!***This book is suitable for adult readers
review 2: Damn, how I hate the end of a series. I stumbled on the first of this 6 novel series a few months ago, reading it on a whim. Needless to say I was sucked in within the world of AFTD's, empaths, and nulls. Since this the last book in the series I want to talk a bit about each character that I, for one, favored in this series. I feel as if each one is a good friend that I have spent quite a bit of time with.I recently just finished a book that had a male protagonist and didn't care for him at all. I even made the comment that it might be because I don't read hardly any books with them. Nothing against a good solid male character, but it is what it is. I had TOTALLY forgotten about the Death series!! Caleb has all kind of issues and if you have read any of the other books you know why. AFTD is Affinity for the Dead. And needless to say Caleb can do it all. Too feeling the presence of dead people to raising them from the ground to do his bidding. There's so much more to his gift but I musn't gush too much because if you haven't read these books then, firstly, you're missing out. Secondly, after reading all of them I don't know what I might give away. I see them as a whole now and can't remember what happened in which book. (I digress)Jade, good ole Jade. She's an empath and a pretty powerful one too. Her struggles in her early childhood leading in to her teen years were rough and sometimes hard to read. It made you appreciate that no matter what a person acts like, you never really know what's going on in home life.The J's. Jonesy, if I had to pick a less favorite of this bunch it would have to be him. Worse thing, I know people like him. Immature most the time, not knowing when to shut up. Oh, that boy got on my nerves sometimes lol but it wouldn't have been the same without him. John reminded me so much of my fiancee it's ridiculous. Minus the red hair anyway.. Smart, good head on his shoulders all around good guy. Tiff is probably my favorite one in the book. She's also AFTD but not to such a high degree as Caleb. She serves as a kind of battery for Caleb when he needs her. I loved her crassness and how she was right there with the guys all the time. She reminded me a lot of myself in high school, so maybe that's why I had such the soft spot for her. Plus some of the stuff she deals with in this book hit home for me and I connected with her in a level I wasn't expecting.There are more, but none of the others I cared about like I did these. If you're still reading this, you're awesome for appreciating (maybe?) what I wanted to do here. I have to admit I'm sad that I won't be anxiously waiting another one. This was not my favorite in the series, reason for the 4 stars. But if Miss Blodgett came out with another installment I'd be tickled pink. (hint, hint!) :) For it being the last installment, I believed it ended really well. Left room for something to maybe happen in the future, but left me with a nice farewell to characters and story I have come to love. less
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Great conclusion with a teaser at the end. I only hope there will be more.
Happy with the ending, but I will miss these characters.
Very good. Nice ending to the series.
Loved the way it all ended!!
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