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The Pleasure Seekers (2010)

by Tishani Doshi(Favorite Author)
3.54 of 5 Votes: 1
1608192776 (ISBN13: 9781608192779)
Bloomsbury USA
review 1: The book began slow, gradually it unfolded the warmth, tenderness and homely feeling. The story is set in chennai, its a gujurati family. i am neither from chennai, nor a gujrati, but still, i felt each and every emotion conveyed by the author. The story transported me to different parts of my life, made me remember about people who really matter to me and made me laugh, made me sad and excited. Its about the journey of life. Its poetic and has a harmony of its own. Loved the story.
review 2: Tishani Doshi has etched out her characters so impressively that I felt in touch with them while reading. This is one book where I couldn't wait to find 'what happens in the end', to ALL the characters! She takes her characters from Madras to England, Wales, Mumbai, Gujara
... moret and you never feel left behind when you read and understand the beautiful people in her book as they experience love, grief, failure, triumph, life. less
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This was an okay book - enjoyable enough - but no real excitement, twists, etc. Just a nice story.
Loved the characters and the descriptive. Excellent
Loved this one, really beautiful and interesting.
Liked reading about another culture
so far so good!
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