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Le Road Trip: A Traveler's Journal Of Love And France (2012)

by Vivian Swift(Favorite Author)
4.11 of 5 Votes: 5
1608195325 (ISBN13: 9781608195329)
Bloomsbury USA
review 1: This little travel book is a joy to read. The author has provided a combination of travel journal, diary and marriage guide about her extended honeymoon trip around France in her late forties. There is so much here to enjoy and appreciate; I've read it three time already, and I'm not one to revisit a book once finished. If the text weren't enough, it's richly illustrated with her hand-drawn and colorful pictures any one of which would be a treasure to frame and keep at your desk. On some pages, there are several, such as three scenes of the Seine at twilight. Absolutely gorgeous, all of them. I marvel at how she achieved the skies, the bricks of old castles, the scenery. And equally as remarkable, the entire text of the book has been typeset by hand by the author. And we d... moreid purchase this book at an independent bookstore of the type to which the author says she owes her success. A modern day treasure.
review 2: Vivian Swift does an impeccable job of capturing the illusive style and charm of France in her book Le Road Trip. A delightful combination of love story and travel guide Swift intertwines the story of how she met her husband and honeymooned in France with helpful tips and facts about France, this is a divine feast for the senses. While Swift's prose is entertaining and thoroughly readable, the best part of this book is her alluring watercolors and pen illustrations which appear on every page. I could practically hear La Vie En rose in the background and the spray of the Seine on my face. This book will bring out your inner wanderlust and Francophile. less
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Reads like a personal journal, filled with charming watercolor illustrations. A feel good book.
Wonderful story with superb illustrations. Highly recommend!
What an interesting and unique book! I loved the art too!
Enjoyed story line & illustrations.
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